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The Genuine Progress Index Pacific Society ...

... is a provincial non-profit research and public education group working to develop and popularize a broad-based index of sustainable development and well-being (Genuine Progress Index) that supports and informs decision-making and public policy in B.C.

What we measure is literally a sign of what we value as a society.

Purpose and Vision:

The Genuine Progress Index model provides a powerful tool for measuring and valuing defined social, economic and environmental factors within an ecological framework. The GPI acts to reframe the debate regarding a healthy and desirable society.

The GPI Pacific Society's vision is to see public policy decision-making in British Columbia based on an integrated perspective that values social, economic, and environmental concerns equally.

The GPI Pacific Society's goals are to:

  • Design, develop and publish a Genuine Progress Index for British Columbia.
  • Initiate broad engagement and dialogue with socio-economic groups, experts and communities on individual indicators and priorities.
  • Raise awareness of, and foster broad-based support for, the Genuine Progress concept and application.
  • Influence policy issues in the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Strengthen our administrative and governance capacity to provide Society members and community partners with a stable, financially viable, well-run organization.

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