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Gibby’s Field
Cedar Cottage, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Gibby’s Field Group:  
Chronology of 2000-2001 Activities

Wed 15 Nov 2000:  Neighbourhood meeting #1 at Community Montessori Preschool, 1946 East 19th Ave.  35 people attended.  Available online:  the agenda and three-page minutes

Wed 29 Nov 2000: Neighbourhood meeting #2 at Community Montessori Preschool, 1946 East 19th Ave.  There seems to be no record of this meeting.

Thu 7 Dec 2000:  Kensington-Cedar Cottage CityPlan Committee Meeting.  The CityPlan committee voted to request a moratorium on further development of 1456, 1458 and 1462 East 18th Avenue.  Available online:  the meeting minutes

Fri 22 Dec 2000:  Letter sent to Mayor and City Council by Anne Roberts, Chair, KCC CityPlan Committee.  The letter is available online.

Jan 2001 (approx.):  Gibby’s Field one-page information sheet produced by Mavis Dixon.  The information sheet is available online.

Tue 10 Jan 2001:  Mavis Dixon heard from Bruce Maitland, the Manager for Housing and Properties for the City.  Mr. Maitland agreed to place a temporary moratorium on further residential development of the property.

Thu 12 Jan 2001:  Kensington-Cedar Cottage CityPlan Committee Meeting.  Minutes are available online. 

Wed 30 Jan 2001:  Neighbourhood meeting #3.  Agenda items: 1. Update on interviews.  2. What else has to be done?  3. Video footage.  4. Presentation.  A total of 50 people participated in the three neighbourhood meetings and 18 were organizing members or key liaison people, as of 10 Feb 2001. 

Feb 2001:  “How Gibby’s Field could look: View from Community Montessori Preschool.”  Colour drawing produced by artist Helen Lambourne.  A photograph of the drawing is available online.

Wed 7 Feb 2001:  The Gibby’s Field Group met with Mark Vulliamy, Manager of Park Planning and Research, Park Board.

Sat 10 Feb 2001:  Five-page report about Gibby’s Field produced by Mavis Dixon.  This report is available online in HTML or PDF format.  (It is a very good summary of the 2000-2001 work by the Gibby’s Field Group.) 

Sat 10 Feb 2001:  Visit to Gibby’s Field by Park Board Commissioner Clarence Hansen.  A thank you e-mail from Mavis Dixon is available online. 

Thu 15 Feb 2001:  “Gibby’s Field: Historical Research Plan” prepared by historian Meg Stanley. 

Sat 29 Sep 2001:  Seven-page report, “Gibby’s Field Final Research Report,” prepared for Gibby’s Field Group by Arn Keeling.  This report is available online in HTML or PDF format. 

Thu 13 Dec 2001:  Interview conducted by Jenny McClean with Doug and Lydia Grant, and later transcribed by Jenny McClean.

Tue 30 Apr 2002:  Information about Gibby’s Field available at Kensington-Cedar Cottage CityPlan AGM. (The availability of this information is mentioned in the minutes of the 4 April 2002 Kensington-Cedar Cottage CityPlan Committee Meeting.)

September 2006:  The Gibby’s Field Subcommittee begins its work, building on the work of the Gibby’s Field Group. 



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