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Resolution for Financing Health Promotion in British Columbia

BECAUSE there is no clear, coordinated and comprehensive vision of health promotion in British Columbia that sets it apart from prevention and illness care;

BECAUSE acute care priorities and ongoing crises in the health care system are subjugating investment in British Columbia health promotion and prevention initiatives;

BECAUSE voluntary, nonprofit organizations and frontline workers make substantial contributions to vibrant, self-reliant and sustainable communities; yet, lack of funding, restrictive criteria and inefficient coordination of existing funds are compromising the capacity of these organizations to act on the health determinants and the health status of their citizens at a time when more and more is expected of them, and;

BECAUSE Health Promotion Foundations have been found to be a successful method of funding and prioritizing health promotion in other parts of the world - e.g., Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Austria and Korea;

THEREFORE I/we request the Government of British Columbia to:

  1. support through legislation, the establishment of an independent, at-arms-length from government, Health Promotion Foundation in British Columbia;
  2. generate a sustainable, annual provincial contribution towards health promotion activities in British Columbia by dedicating $1.00 per person per year, or the equivalent of $4.077 million in 2003, from Medical Services Plan premiums to a Health Promotion Foundation.
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