Thursday 21 February 2002
1:52 a.m.
I have a livejournal!

Thanks to the kindness of one Don Quixote, I now have an actual livejournal. Way to dream that impossible dream!

Current Mood: faith in humanity slowly being restored
Current Music: “She Loves Me” by Jackie Rogers, Jr.


Saturday 2 February 2002
2:02 p.m.
“This is lame. Just let me join!”

livejournals are not in fact free. They cost money unless you know someone who already has one.

F--- that. I’ll just make my own. It won’t be as technically sophisticated but it’ll accomplish the same goal as everyone else’s livejournals—to flame everyone who displeases me and to do so in a passive-aggressive public diary.

Current Mood: subversive
Current Music: the theme from “The A-Team”

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