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The future of Continentalism

An 80 year study

Participation in this project could:
1) Serve as a tool for learning how to have meetings here in cYberspace.
2) A way for citizens to learn a science based social design with others.
3) As a refresher for those who took the study course long ago.
4) Provide enjoyment for those who have a high regard for the course content.

This project is now in its formative stage we are thinking that if we all have webcams (I have the Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 and am quite pleased it was under $50) and install SKYPE software (free) then agree upon a time to connect via our computers we can go over the study course lessons together using the seminar method of learning. The seminar method involves taking turns reading aloud while others follow along reading the text. After each has taken a turn reading the class leader will when appropriate initiate discussion of what was just read and keep order during the classes. The text is available in html format each chapter is in a separate file.

OK, First off if you want to take part in this project join this forum and we can discuss how to go about it there.

Technocracys Mandate: Technocracy was chartered as a research and EDUCATIONAL membership organization the research is finished but the  educating continues its educational program has always been via the Technocracy Study Course this is the on line pilot project. (OLTSC.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

email link to temporary project coordinator