Compilation By : Bill Morse (bill@billmorse.com)
CD & Booklet Artwork : Gregor Volpert (treplovski@gmail.com)
Web Page Artwork : Gregor Volpert
Credits/Web Pages : Paul Gouldhawke (slightwarp@yahoo.ca)

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Paul Gouldhawke:

It's obvious that a lot of love and fun has seeped into these renditions... once again a tip of the toque to our esteemed leader Bill Morse (The mastermind behind all five of our Grape Tributes as well as Plucked, the Sixties' Music set).

Gregor Volpert has produced some gorgeous art for this edition, as with all the other tributes we've done. That's his handiwork on this webpage as well as the CD's. Wonderful stuff if you ask me... :)

I'm sure you'll join us in extending a big thanks to all who took part and the band members who continue to inspire us.

What else is there to say except "crank it up" and "Just Say Mo'" !!




1. Got To Get Back Home : Mike Fornatale -4:48
2. Cold Beer : J.C. Christensen & Bill Morse -4:23
3. Right Before My Eyes : JoJo Fox -2:42
4. I Am a Dreamer : Larry Hosford -3:18
5. Carrying the Torch : Eternity's Gate (Brian Vaughan & Skip Spence) -6:55
6. Space Song : Eternity's Gate (Brian Vaughan & Skip Spence) -5:50
7. Changing : Peter Schindleman & Bill Morse - 3:02
8. Just Like Gene Simmons (a faux pas) : Mike Fornatale -3:25
9. Chinese Song : Power Munchkins -4:55
10. Omaha : Loopholes (John Lisiecki & Bill Morse) -2:08
11. Motorcycle Irene LIVE : Brian Fowler & The Bibb City Ramblers -3:38
12. Better Day : Martin Bobbe -2:08
13. City Lights : Martin Bobbe -3:03
14. In Between The Lines : Martin Bobbe -3:55
15. Queen Of The Crow : Martin Bobbe -2:35
16. Mr. Stewart Soul : Mike Fornatale -3:50
17. He : Bruce Medici -3:25
18. Three Four : Bruce Medici -2:38
19. If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes : Bruce Medici -2:26
20. You Can Do Anything : Bruce Medici -2:32
21. Miller's Blues : Mike Kuptz -5:52

Mike Fornatale:

'64 SG, '71 Telecaster, '65 Pro Reverb, '64 Gibson Falcon, mid-70s EB-3, early '70s Slingerland kit, Hammond M3 and Leslie 145 of indeterminate age -- all played by one solitary idiot, also of indeterminate age.

Got To Get Back Home(R. Mosley) -- the first track from Fine Wine. Fine Wine lacked an organist and a Yardbirds obsession, we don't. Tele on rhythm, SG on lead. Tele is de-tuned a full step. For fun.
Just Like Gene Simmons (a faux pas) (Spence/Godfrey)-- I would apologize but I have a feeling he'd like it. Heavily edited and pitch-shifted excerpt from Arthur Godfrey and His Friends Present Their TV Calendar Show, 1956. Followed by a dubious Edison Cylinder barbershop quartet -- dubious since I don't think it'll fool anyone, seeing as how there are eight of 'em and it's in stereo. Background noise courtesy of Arthur Godfrey run-out groove. "Lou" and his band were located eating cheese fries at a diner in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in 1976. Well, okay, no, those guys are me too.
Mr. Stewart Soul(Mosley/Young) -- several SGs mash-up two songs (or three, if you're a purist) which I've always thought belonged together. Audience noise from The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, and string section courtesy of a cheap Casio synthesizer. This time I WILL apologize: sorry Bob, sorry Neil. Oh, and Dewey. Sorry Dewey.

Bill Morse:

J.C. Christensen & Bill Morse - "Cold Beer" (Bob Mosley)
J.C. - vocals, drums, handclaps, percussion & harp
Bill - vocals, guitars, bass & electric piano

Peter Schindelman & Bill Morse - "Changing" (Peter Lewis)
Peter - vocals, drums & guitar
Bill - vocals, guitar, bass, organ & clav

The Loopholes (John Lisiecki & Bill Morse) - "Omaha" (Skip Spence)
John - drums
Bill - vocals, guitars, bass, electric piano, percussion

Jojo Fox:

Right Before My Eyes (Peter Lewis)--

Rhythm acoustic guitar/lead vocal - Jojo Fox
Lead acoustic guitar - Jeff Cruse
Bass - Jerry Bradley
Drums - Glenn Morse
Backup vocal - Sharon Allen
Engineer, Production, Mixing - Steven Griswold

Larry Hosford:

I Am A Dreamer-- (Bob Mosley/Andy Mosley)
I learned "I Am A Dreamer" from Bob Mosley long ago, 1974 or '75 as I recall, at Jeff Blackburn's place up on Show-No-Mercy Hill above Soquel, CA. It's another of his obscure little country style gems like "I Picked A Rose", which I did on the 2nd Grape tribute CD. The words to "Dreamer" were for the most part written by his brother Andy, and Bob came up with the music. So, yes - it is a Mose Bros. thang.

The first time I heard, "I should have time tomorrow to kill the devil in this man..." I laughed out loud, said, "That's me!" I had Bob teach me the song on the spot. The line, "Darlin' now that you're leaving me you can never leave me again," also rang my bell.

We have a pal these days, Steven Griswold, who is dialing in his new studio and I asked Bob to come along to play some bass on a "test drive." The lead guitar is by Charlie Wallace, one of my Hosford Band regulars, and the drummer is Ed Michaels, who had worked with just about every San Francisco rocker you could name ... except Bob Mosley. We thereby filled up that hole in his resume.

I have heard myself do better versions of this tune, but, if only to share a side of Bob that not many folks have seen/heard, I think it is listenable enough to lay before the Grapenutz inner circle. Great song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have for the past 30-something years.
aka Lorenzo

Brian Vaughan:

Carrying the Torch -- (Vaughan/Spence), all tracks first recorded in July 1998

Skip Spence- lead guitar
Brian Vaughan- drum machine program, rhythm guitar & melodic rhythm guitar, recording & mixing.

Equipment used-
Skip played a Series 10 guitar (very much like a strat), with a small Crate combo amp, with plenty of distortion & reverb.
Brian played a GTX guitar (similar to a Jackson dinky reverse, but much cheaper, good guitar too), the drum machine was a basic old Boss Dr. Rhythm, also used a DOD digital delay pedal (1991 vintage-LOL!), & also used Skip's Crate amp for the session.

This tune was a studio experiment. Brian layed down the basic tracks, then Skip came & listened to the tune, liked it, & put in the lead guitar. Recording methods were the same as for "Space Song Version 2".

Space Song Version 2 -- (Spence/Vaughan), guitars first recorded early 1996.

Skip Spence- guitar (melodic & rhythm). Original composition from the early 1970s. The first version was done by a band Skip had called The Yankees. Skip told me once the inspiration for the tune was the original Star Trek series, his melodic line is suggestive of the show's theme music at the beginning & end.
Brian Vaughan- lead soundscape guitar, synthesizer, recording & mixing. Both guitars (Brian & Skip) were done in one take, it was a recorded jam session. The synth was added recently, it seemed to fit.

Equipment used-
Skip played a Fender Squier stratocaster trough an ART Attack Module combo amp with an ART FXR Elite multi-effects processor set on a deep multi-tap delay patch.
Brian played a Gibson SG going through a Hafler T-2 preamp, & a Lexicon Jam-Man delay / looper / sampler on a deep delay setting, using a Fender SK-20 Chorus combo amp. The synth track provided later was done with a Roland Juno-60.
The original tracks were recorded on a Tascam 424 4-track, the recording was transfered to an iMAC outfitted with DP-3 audio recording software for "final" treatment.

These tunes are still in the demo stage, but hopefully folks will like the sounds.

The Power Munchkins:

Chinese Song -- (Skip Spence)

Quote: "The Power Munchkins are whoever they say they are"

Brian Fowler and the Bibb City Ramblers:

Motorcycle Irene (Skip Spence)-- (Live) 3-17-08 Recorded live at The Loft Columbus Ga
Brian Fowler- mandolin
Dan Davidson- gtr, vocals
Mike Childree- bass, motorcycle
Jon White- dobro
[ Bibb City Ramblers ]

Martin Bobbe:

Better Day (Bob Mosley/Skip Spence)
City Lights (Bob Mosley)
In Between The Lines (Peter Lewis)
Queen Of The Crow (Bob Mosley)

The line-up:
Me: Vocals
Myself: Acoustic Nylon & Steel string Guitars
& I: Bass guitar & Harmonica

2 years down the road from Still Mo' Grape and here we are again... Choosing the songs to record for Just Say Mo' was quite a process. Actually the invitation to tape another bunch of the Grape's finest came at a time I felt I was way too busy with other projects to do a worthy job.

But I found I just couldn't help myself, so I started processing the options during off-hours and eventually it became clear to me that the only way to go was doing fresh material: songs from reunion and solo albums I had never considered playing before because I only got to know them over the past 10 years.

I started to play along with the Legendary Grape album and other non-heyday releases but nothing really came to me until I played Bob's acoustic set from Skip's Memorial and was struck by his folksy slant on the material. I selected three songs I felt would work best for me from that set and added In Between The Lines from Peter's solo album for good measure. Hope you like my versions as much as I enjoyed recording them.


Bruce Roger Medici (aka Harpy) (Rhode Island, USA):

He (Peter Lewis)
Peter's best acid rock masterpiece. Although he plays it like a folk song, its a real head song to me. Always was. And I have always wanted to record it but I never could make it work...until now. I simply could not play it like Peter and I think he'd appreciate it like this. Amazing what some reverb can do!

Three Four (Bob Mosley)
O.K. I'm not Bob. I can't sing like Bob and I cant play like Bob. But this is a gem and in my opinion, his best song ever. It's a true blessing to be able to do it at all. I hope Bob and everyone else likes it! I didn't have an orchestra and I didn't need one. This song was my favorite song on "Wow" and I always thought it could have been a major hit for them.

If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes (Peter Lewis)
I did this song because it was the loveliest melody I had heard in years!

You Can Do Anything (Skip Spence)
A tribute to Skip who recorded very sparse songs on his solo LP Oar. This song would have been great on it. It's for Skippy!

I want to thank Paul, Bill and all the fellow Grapesters for allowing me the chance to be on this tribute CD and for helping this music stay alive. My deepest appreciation goes to the five members of Moby Grape. Peter, Bob, Don, Jerry and Skip!
Bruce Roger Medici 2008

Mike Kuptz:

Miller's Blues -- (Jerry Miller/Bob Mosley)
I was going through some old tapes from my 4-track cassette days (circa 1995) and came across this version of "Miller's Blues". I remember the day was raining, I was bored, and the only instruments in the house were an old acoustic and the family "Conn" organ in the living room. I programmed it to do a blues song with percussion and later added all these piano and bass parts. I didn't know what to sing over this but I knew the Moby Grape lyrics, set my FX unit for the "Robert Plant meets Elvis mode" and added the acoustic for good measure. The background sounds you hear are part rain, tape hiss and the hum of the organ. You wanted different arrangements ! So you now have this weird one to contend with. I hope I pass the audition.

[ PLUCKED - 60s ]