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This is science in the social field

Unification of the North American Continent a 90 year study

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12)Social change achievements
13)Overpopulation - impending famine
14)Seers say “Water Wars on the way"
15)Can the NAU programs be stopped?
16)The REAL peril of the NAU programs
17)Our banks are broke what caused it?
18)An article by the first ever environmental group
19)First publication of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA
20)Decent housing for all North Americans if they want it.

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How to bring about the unification

Some history

Iin 1919 two things became apparent to the federal administration of the United States of America One was that due to the technology installed during World War One America was able to produce more than ever with a much smaller work force. Machines were doing the work of people on a scale which had not even been contemplated. Secondly only a small percentage of people would return to rural America from whence they came. The scientific community was asked by president Woodrow Wilson what societal results could be expected. The Continent wide investigation was directed from Columbia University. When the scientific community's astounding results were made known to the administration it was decided that the information was to be kept from the public. The consensus of the scientific community was: that the then current (1923) pre-technological social system would soon become un-viable! The man `in charge' of the research project Howard Scott wanted the data preserved and public informed. He founded a group in order to achieve this. During the next decade the members (scientists) synthesized a new social design which would be compatible with the advent of technology. In 1933 the group was incorporated as a non-profit educational and research membership Organization. The current members are now the caretakers of a social design which is as usable as it was when the foremost scientists of this Continent first devised it.

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