In 1919 two things became apparent to the federal administration of theUnited States of America One was that due to the technology installed duringWorld War One America was able to produce more than ever with a much smallerwork force. Machines were doing the work of people on a scale which had noteven been contemplated. Secondly only a small percentage of people would returnto rural America from whence they came. The scientific community was asked whatsocietal results could be expected. The Continent wide investigation wasdirected from Columbia University. When the scientific community's astoundingresults were made known to the administration it was decided that theinformation was to be kept from the public.

The consensus of the scientific community was: that the then current (1923)pre-technological social system would soon become un-viable! The man `incharge' of the research project Howard Scott wanted the data preserved andpublic informed. He founded a group in order to achieve this. During the nextdecade the members (scientists) synthesized a new social design which would becompatible with the advent of technology. In 1933 the group was incorporated asa non-profit educational and research membership Organization. Thecurrent members are now the caretakers of a social design which is asusable as it was when the foremost scientists of this Continent first devisedit.

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