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Without ending the use of money, in any form, to acquire goods and access services via the adoption of energy accounting a North American Union would make real all the nightmares that the so called conspiracy theorists have been loosing sleep over only the nave, the ignorant, and fools would think otherwise. Yup, there is a very real threat to most people involved if a switch to energy accounting with its usufruct lifestyle is not instituted. Usage of this plan and the adoption of energy accounting is protection from enslavement, and genocide.

Many prefer a more democratic way of doing things.

A Continent wide referendum before 2012 ?

 Many wonder What of the grassroots people? What will their part in the formation of our new social system be?


IMHO: they may have become what they once despised
 and are now a part of the way things are.
 They occupy themselves vainly trying to maintain
the comfortable life they achieved and
 the very nation states that have for so long sought to
 tame or murder them.



When some 30 nations inhabited by some 650 million people are involved it is not possible to state a date when a referendum will take place the opposition from the ancient cultures, peoples natural resistance to change, and countless other factors will determine when or even if a referendum would take place one of the major factors is acceptance of the plan by the grassroots spokes people and their ability to bring their people on line for a referendum demanding Total Conscription this must be done and soon to forestall the implementation of MARTIAL LAW circa late 2011.


Make no mistake a change to a new social system along the lines of the social design discussed here can occur without the democratic consent of its inhabitants and most knowledgeable people concur that it will not be instituted by democratic means, yup people will likely be dragged kicking and screaming into utopia, and if the grassroots gurus cannot give up trying to maintain the arcane sovereign nations of our Continent it may go that way. Please note that this presentation does not imply that democratic acceptance would not be the best of all method for it surely would be.


Since a change to energy accounting is not likely to be a part of the establishments plan for the North American Union, hopefully, the grassroots people working closely with those of the engineering community will be able to insist upon the change to energy accounting soon as possible AFTER the impending North American Union is complete. What is meant by complete is when the larger countries of the proposed North American Union are united operating as one and the SPP has been invoked; hopefully by 2011. This can only happen if those of the engineering community and the leaders of our Continents grassroots groups have been schooled in just what energy accounting is how it works and what the benefits are. For some, a few, this can be done via individual study AND PARTICIPATION IN A TECHNOCRACY FORUM.


Will you join in or have you become part of the Status Quo?


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