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Gurus out with the old and in with the new


A few words about fashion: suits and ties, bell bottoms and beads what one wears makes a statement; such as “I am part of the business world.” Or I am not part of the business world.” Short hair cuts, no hair cuts, no hair all serve in part to set individuals apart from others who behave in ways we frown upon yet they also serve the opposite purpose that being to include ourselves as part of other groups of like minded people. Fashions also apply to ways of thinking and this in turn determines what we talk about and spent our time at.


Humans being social animals are subject to animal instincts the one of concern here is the herd instinct, perhaps the second most powerful of our instincts after survival, which includes the drive to reproduce. Well enough of that this is not a discourse on what makes us all tic, but rather some words of caution intended for all who think of them selves as social activists. The latest fashion in terms of what people think about is global warming. And due to the advent of internet this fashion is developing a momentum the like of which has not been seen before. People of all walks of life, of all nations are jumping on the bandwagon, setting aside what they have been involved in and joining in discussion and taking action in ways that they expect will lessen the perceived warming of the entire planet earth. WOW! The scope of this latest thought fashion in no uncertain terms boggles my mind. It also frightens me.


It frightens me in that my fellow social activists are or will be devoting less time to the solving of the problems that threaten our society in favor of attempting to stop the unstoppable warming of this planet. Now why do I say that it is unstoppable? Well, at the time that the first mention of global warming appeared in the media I was on the staff of a magazine one that had already been publishing for sixty years. Much of the content of the magazine came from readers all across the Continent who sent in articles that they had found in other publications, so I was made aware of the global warming rap from its beginning. One submitted article that caught my attention was written by an astronomer a fellow of letters whose job it was to monitor our suns activity. He was puzzled and somewhat miffed at what was appearing in the media of the day about possible causes of global warming. He was pointing out that yes things are warming up but that it was due to the FACT that our sun was emitting a lot more energy than what is usual.

BTW: NASA points out on their website that Mars is also getting warmer do our foremost thinkers
 imagine that it is due to Martians generating too much carbon dioxide I wonder?

I did some checking and sure enough our sun was more active than it had been for centuries. As some of the reasons for the global warming appearing in the media were quite preposterous and the proposals for doing something to stop the global warming were so laughable I thought that people would never fall for such silliness  I expected talk of it to soon fade out. Wow! Was I mistaken about that or what? So just what made global warming perhaps the greatest fashion in thought since stop war I wondered? Above all IMHO: the herd instinct and for the first time at its extreme for literally every human can join in.


520 years ago:

It would be interesting to hear those who would have us believe that the polar ice caps are melting and this is going to cause the oceans to rise and submerge costal settlements explain this.


Henry the 8th in 1530 built about 35 fortresses on the coast of the English Channel one of the forts that he built was about 100 feet from the shoreline of the English channel facing France.  It was build in the shape of a clover leaf with 40 cannon placements some of the Cannons faced the plains behind the fort each of the Gun placements was circular in shape so that the energy from a shell hitting the fort would be spread out to lessen the impact. And where is that fort today?  It is still standing but now it is about one mile from the shore line.


This document was not intended to discuss global warming per se but rather to express my deep concern that it will distract social activists from the solving of our solvable social problems. I note that already many of our Gurus are restricting themselves to global warming issues. Those who look to them for guidance and motivation are following suit at what is to me an alarming rate. Will those who are humankind’s only real hope for lasting social improvement opt out and waste the best years of their lives with this silliness? It looks that way to me just now. Some will not submit to this easy and popular way of maintaining an illusion that they are still trying to improve the lot of their fellow citizens and these will I expect become the new Gurus of the social change movement. Will you become one of the new Gurus or simply jump on the bandwagon as it rolls toward the cliff on the outskirts of “whoops, guess we waited too longsville.”


This seven thousand year old moribund social system cannot be altered in any lasting way that will make it work so forget that people. It must and will if we are to prosper be replaced and soon. Unless you know of another usable plan use this one. This web site contains everything you need to get started. If you ever thought you would make a good leader you may soon get your chance to prove it. Investigate and promote this plan.




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Science or fantasy you decide.

Yes measurements ARE being made as to the amount of atmospheric CO2 at 100 locations on a planet that has a circumference of some 25 thousand miles which INDICATE that there is higher levels overall. Indication is not proof nor does it point to any particular source.

The Keeling Curve some good science
which was usurped by special interest groups to further their own agendas.

Professor Keeling discovered that carbon dioxide was rising continuously and that there were annual fluctuations in carbon in the atmosphere (the little squiggles on the line), are caused by seasonal variations in plant growth and decay. When he started his measurements in 1958, CO2 levels were around 315 ppmv (parts per million by volume - that is 315 molecules of CO2 for every one million molecules in the air); by the year 2005 they had risen to about 378 ppmv. The sun is heating up our planet, and the other planets in our galaxy as well, this accelerates plant decay releasing more than average CO2. Although how much of this is caused by human activity beyond releasing ozone destroying chemicals that is mere speculation. Yoo Hoo!

TIMELINE: carbon monitoring

1957: Charles David Keeling starts work monitoring CO2 at the South Pole and Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii  
1958: Keeling starts first direct continuous atmospheric measurements of CO2
1970s: NOAA the US federal agency, starts monitoring CO2 at 100 locations worldwide
1995-2003: NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) at Boulder, Colorado, develops and maintains the world's standard references for CO2 and other greenhouse gases using computer spread sheet extrapolations upon examination glaring flaws are noted; in one spreadsheet model the oceans were only two and one half inches deep. BTW: the ocean is a major absorber of CO2. These fantasies were used as a base for all claims made and pumped out by the propagandists.

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