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Food as fuel worse than folly


It is mostly corn that is grown for ethanol.
Did you know?

The short term benefits for our farmers which were used as a selling point by the food for fuel cartel will soon be done away with as off continent mega corporation’s food as fuel crops come on line.


2008 Since wheat planting is being replaced by corn planting there is less wheat in silos than there has been in many years and the price of wheat has gone from $5 per bushel to $20 WHITHIN THE SAME YEAR. This will bring on rampant inflation of food derived from wheat.

Price of food reserved for fuel is already rising in 3rd world countries causing starvation. IMHO: Those who are part of the reduce CO2 antics are responsible for causing others to starve to death. Think about that for a while.


These crops use a lot of water compared to others and will increase the use of fertilizers polluting water supplies. There is already an expanding dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

As more land is used to produce more food for fuel crops less of the other food crops will be planted resulting in higher prices of other food. Meat production gets most of these crops now and food for fuel will radically increase cost of all meats.

A rise in the price of beer has been announced one reason given was that those who were growing hops have switched to planting food for fuel crops

The illusionary ownership of our current social mechanism Vs the real Usufruct of a Technate.

Currently it is financial institutions that have title to vehicles the users do not own them as long as they are able to make payments they have exclusive use and the responsibility for maintenance. In a Technate there would be no exclusive use of any vehicles. No insurance or car payments. Some exceptions to this could be made for collectors and those who customize we are discussing the vast majority of vehicles used for commuting, shopping or hauling. All vehicles would be equipped with devices so that only those who had received proper training to operate them could use them. When one wanted to go somewhere in a car for example they would go to the closest one and use it when they were done they would simply park and leave it. A time-distance charge, in energy credits, would be deducted from their personal accounts. Most of the stress driver’s deal with would be engineered out of our lives such as rush hour and grid lock since everything would ALWAYS be open. Also, all vehicles would be safely maintained by workers of the transportation sequence reliving the citizenry of maintenance – repair hassles. No worry about having ones car vandalized or stolen. Usage of this plan with its application of technology on a Continental basis can provide a life for one of one hundred people alive where there is no such thing as car theft, no more cops killing and maiming citizens in high speed chases, no more people crippled by drunk driving, no more people being tormented to death in prisons for vehicle related crimes. NOTE that these types of problems simply would not exist in the type of achievable social operation presented on this CD so check it out learn how our problems can be solved not just mitigated.

Some rap about cars: A car rental program is underway in Canada called Zip Cars that is noteworthy. The vehicles involved are located via the internet then one simply goes to the closest one uses it then returns it. This is a very futuristic program it demonstrates that we do not need to have private ownership of automobiles providing that we can get the use of a car when we want it. One of the major improvements needed for our personal vehicles is standardization so that parts that fit would then be readily available. GMs Saturn is made in the most modern fully automated plant and uses superior design and technologies it is a great step towards standardization. There is a two person car now being sold called the smart car it runs on diesel and gets 70 miles per gallon. Most of the so called new cars that are being foisted upon an ignorant public are nothing but a compromise with the fossil fuel industry. Also the U. S. of A. has already made, tested and then destroyed a well made electric car. There is a feature length movie about this called who killed the electric car? This vehicle was the best by far. I urge everyone to watch it.

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