Without prejudice,

Where the Canadian people come from.

Europe 2,278,350
Asia & middle east 2,525,155
Africa 374,565
Caribbean & Bermuda 312,765
South America 250,710
U.S. of A. 250,535
Central America 130,455

TOTAL Immigrant population 6,186,950

Source Statistics Canada

A. D. 2008 More than 20% of Canadian citizens were not born in Canada.  1,034,014 claim Chinese as their mother tongue. I was just watching the Chinese channel on TV and they said that if white people become the racial minority they should not fear being mistreated!
Figures for the U.S. of A.
About 2,200 daily arrivals. Approximately 28.4 million foreign-born people live in the United States, representing 10.4 percent of the U.S. population.
Figures for the United Mexican States (Mexico)
The official figures for foreign-born citizens in Mexico are 493,000 the population is 98,552,776 (July 1998 est.) 0.5% of Mexico’s population

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