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Gaia is bountiful and our technology is highly advanced one high tech farmer can now feed 129 people we can produce an abundance and everyone can be fed. What is required now is a way to distribute the necessities of life. Energy accounting was devised for this purpose.


Corn has become the staple food of North America


The U.S. of A. has 240,000 Sq. miles of farmland dedicated to corn from which ten billion bushels of corn are harvested the output is 1,815 pounds per person more than could be eaten so why is anyone hungry?


To use up part of the surplus corn it was sold in Mexico at one dollar less per bushel than it cost to produce this caused farmers there to go broke driving them off the land. This resulted in the destruction of Mexico’s economy unemployment there has reached 50% without assistance Mexico will become one of the world’s most unfortunate places to live. Right now the NAFTA & NAU programs are their only hope so if you are someone who opposes them you become personally responsible for suffering in Mexico. Think that over.

Lets eat the corn if we want ethanol for fuel we can grow Algae – Seaweed it can be grown inland and provide 50 times more calories per land area than corn.


Did you know?

That the average supermarket has about 45,000 items for sale; here in North America we are NOT on the verge of running out of resources this is the beginning of the era of abundance, do not be fooled.


That in the 1990s in North America about one million dairy cattle were destroyed to reduce overproduction there is a surplus of most everything and yet our food costs soar and some of us do without. Sixty six percent of our wheat is exported why not distribute the abundance here rather than exporting it?

That one in five Canadian children lives below the poverty level?

That in Vancouver BC Canada that our food banks are NOT for local people 420,000 tons of food are sent abroad per year; while local people go hungry. Money collected is not given to help feed our local poor it is accumulated and used to build warehousing for donated food which will be shipped abroad?

 Eating products made with corn.

That being overweight and having so called class II diabetes seems to be a middle class problem both the poor and the rich are comparatively fit. The combining of being raised to “eat all that is on your plate,” of supersizing of servings and of the idea of getting something for nothing via combo meals all contribute to overeating. A person now consumes about 1,500 pounds of food per year. When sugar came from cane we ate avg. 44 pounds per year now that it comes from corn we eat avg. 66 pounds.  19% of U.S. of A. meals are eaten in cars. It requires 100 gallons of fuel to raise one corn fed steer for its meat plus as cattle are designed to be grass eaters and cannot properly digest corn; so corn fed cattle are given antibiotics to keep them from getting sick too often. Corn is the main ingredient in pet foods and is not readily digestible by our pets. Many processed fast foods are 40% corn derivatives.

Two world’s one real and one financial

The futures markets
There are three times 128,400 contracts per which can be considered legitimate that is 2.2%t of all trades; so 97.8% of all trades are purely speculative, having no connection to the real process involving the farmer and his produce.

The futures market involves only speculators often linked to the grain cartels, moving paper back and forth, attempting to capture spreads, or drive down the grain price for farmers This market is larger than the New York Stock Exchange; which had a market capitalization of $3.713 trillion, and total value of shares traded of $1.520 trillion in 1991. In 1992, there were 17,552,356 grain futures contracts traded. Of that total, only 64,200 were settled by delivery/cash settlement, meaning that the actual grain produce of the contract was taken for physical delivery. That is but 0.36% of all contracts traded. At the level of the farmer selling his grain to an elevator, for each sale of real grain--called a hedge--there has to be an offsetting speculative trade to make the market. So, on that first level, there are 128,400 legitimate trades. Then, the local elevator usually sells the grain to the sub-terminal or terminal, plus, the sub-terminal or terminal might have to sell the grain one more time.

There is no way that we can allow this financial fantasy realm to interfere with our food production and distribution without suffering so investigate this science based plan for dealing with the real physical world; get behind the movement for the redesign of our social mechanism along the lines depicted in this CD presentation

Did you ever have the feeling that perhaps we are being lied to about the shortage of oil?
Did you know?

That there is a single oil deposit in Alberta Canada that holds more oil than Saudi Arabia?
That Alaska has oil wells that can pump 32.000 barrels per day the average is 30 barrels?

That there is a single oil deposit in North Dakota that holds more oil than Saudi Arabia?


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Another food fact

Since you may not be able to afford to crunch on $6.50 pound bacon try crunching these numbers.

In one year Canada exports over 4 million hogs and over half a million tons of pork meat.
There are 125 lbs of meat per hog.
There are 2000 lbs. in a ton
There are 33 million people in Canada

If Canada stopped exporting
 Pork eating Canadians could have about 50 pounds MORE of pork meat per person per year?

Anyone with a calculator can surf the www and see for themselves that if we keep what we have been exporting for profits and use it ourselves there is no reason in the physical world for any Canadian to go without anything required to live a comfortable life without waste. So why is it not happening?  Money can only distribute things that are scarce that is why money was devised some six thousand years ago. In order to maintain the money system those you elect and work for create an artificial shortage by exporting OUR STUFF while we do without. On this CD anyone can learn about Energy Accounting which was designed to distribute things that are abundant like pork meat and nearly everything else. We have the technology we have a compatible social design only the willingness to use it prevents us from eliminating poverty here in North America.

Oh yeah, years ago the women of Japan revolted against having to pay inflated prices for TVs  their corporations were getting their consumers to subsidize the export of TVs to North America  so they could be sold at a very low price. In addition to our tax dollars being given to pork producers so they can sell our pork cheap abroad we as individuals are also directly subsidizing the export of our pork to be sold for less than the $6.50 per pound we pay. BTW this was the beginning of women’s liberation in Japan. Are the women of our country liberated enough to revolt against not being able to feed our children properly and insist upon use of this plan for the distribution of abundance? I wonder?


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