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Check your self out; see what condition your conditioning is in.


You may have a severe hang up that is preventing you from delving into this plan for a usufruct lifestyle just because it requires a centralized government that will operate our entire continent as a single unit. This feature causes many North Americans to not only reject this plan but to oppose its usage. Those of us who promote our usage of the plan wonder why?  I offer this as perhaps a reason you decide if it is valid and if you are handicapped by it.


Retrograde mind sets part I     Read part II

The hang up an Huxley-Orwellian bias.

In the 1930s anyone who aspired to be part of our anti-establishment beatnik sub culture was expected to have read Huxley’s Brave New World published 1932. This nightmarish fiction comes to mind whenever centralized government is mentioned. Yoo Hoo people it was a figment of one persons imagination.


A generation later in the 1960s anyone who aspired to be part of our anti-establishment hippy sub culture was expected to have read both Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984 published in 1949 the latter was an even more bizarre fantasy about the perils of a centralized government; again the imaginings of one person.


A generation later in the 1990s anyone who aspired to be anti-establishment and a cool person was expected to have watched the two (well made) movies based upon the books, and a sort of cult following sprang up. In many high schools one or both of these books were required reading. Both stories are horror stories about the citizens being oppressed by a centralized government one that uses twenty four hour-omnipresent surveillance of the citizenry and mind controlling pharmaceuticals to keep everyone in line. Note: that by 2010 such practices have becoming reality but we do not have centralized government could it be the special interest / power elite groups that are applying these tactic?


The widespread popularity of these fictional books and movies and their impact upon the publics consciousness have created a mind set that automatically rejects investigation of any plan that involves operating this Continent with just one central government as it connects with a subliminal fantasy of the creation of “Big Brother”. I submit that this rather than a rational decision is the cause of the widespread opposition to the NAFTA and NAU programs now underway. This is tragic as due to the impact of technology upon human social systems moving to a Continental mode of operation has become a mandate for survival not only of the North American way of life but also for the survival of our people.


The Continental Social Design of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State deserves examination with a mind unbiased by these type of imaginings do so and you will see that it offers personal freedom much like our forefathers had some two hundred years ago.  Yup, implementation of this design will be the start of a new era of personal freedom.


      The generation of pioneers those who settled North America are all but gone their heritage was personal freedom, independence, individualism, a way of life that has been long forgotten by everyone from the other continents. I dare to say that those who were not born here have absolutely no ability to comprehend this way of life and will do most anything to maintain the way things are. We MUST NOT let them..


Cast off the Huxley-Orwellian bias open your mind and delve into this plan NOW people and learn about Energy Accounting as it is the key to ending oppression of on person by another. It’s as simple as that. Free your mind; expand your consciousness.




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