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The internet has or will soon alter every aspect of life for the majority of people here in North America. How does it affect we the social activists? Those who during the decade of the 1960s who became collectively socially conscious came to an understanding that our social system had been set up to serve the few and not the multitude We devoted our time and energies to gaining an understanding of just what parts of the social system were not working and which people were suffering as a result. Naturally not everyone’s concerns were the same for most and properly I must add we began with the shortcomings that affected us personally. And as the old adage goes no man is an island unto himself. Our efforts to better our own situations would also better the lives of others who were in the same situations as we were in. We formed groups that focused on righting the wrongs as we saw them. In order to gain the support of enough people to effect change in a democratic manner via elected representatives we embarked upon a campaign of informing the populace of what we were up to. Using all pre-internet forms of communication we did the job well and as the decades passed the public were informed, motivated. We even got other activists elected and many, many needed changes were made. Each and every one of us can be proud of the progress we made or initiated. And yet forty years later in all truthfulness, by and large, our society and the plight of many North Americans has not changed in any significant way. Many say that things have gotten worse.  So what happened?


In a nutshell, corporations bought our politicians and reversed the laws we spent much of our lives putting in place. We influenced the corporations we went to work for to adopt better business practices and awesome progress was made, however as conglomerates were formed and business were bought by foreign mega-corporations. U. S. of A. National Debt now $9.2 trillion and rising. Foreign investment controls an estimated $2.5 trillion in U. S. of A. assets. Experts predict their holdings could reach $12 trillion by 2015. Canada is now in a similar situation. As we get dismissed or retired the changes we made are phased out due to the basic  requirement of doing business, namely ever increasing profit. This is the nature of the price system, of buying and selling, of being paid for ones man hours of labor of any social system that uses money. This is the way a price system operates and no lasting social changes are possible. Surely all can see that the price system cannot be made to operate in an equitable, sustainable way. Therefore it must be abandoned and a new system installed. We of the social activist community after pointing out what is going on all implored and often berated our fellow citizens not to live in denial. Well check yourselves out my fellow activists. You know very well by now that our social system cannot be fixed up. I repeat the price system cannot be repaired it must be replaced. You know this so stop living in denial yourself. “Yeah, yeah!”  But when one ponders what type of system to replace it with the mind staggers no single person has the capacity to come up with a new social system that is applicable at a level beyond a commune on some island. Stop fretting fellow activists a plan already exists it is on this CD. We have already pointed out what is going, going, gone wrong in our social system everyone who is socially conscious just now already via the internet knows  what we want them to know. Everyone who in the near future becomes socially conscious can learn what we learned via the internet.


We have also found out which people and groups of people are responsible for the wrong-doings. We have put it onto the internet and made and are circulating DVDs that tell all. It is time that ALL activists understand that the education of the public has been accomplished and that it is time we move on to the final and very exciting phase of social change. . “But not enough people know,” you may be thinking. Well I say that due to what we have put on the internet anyone who cares can in a few days find out on the World Wide Web. So we must stop wasting the few useful years we have left and move onto informing the populace of the only solution that being the need to abandon the six thousand year old moribund social system and institute a new method of social operation that is designed in such a way that no group on this Continent or elsewhere can take control of the production and distribution of goods or services and thereby gain control of anyone else’s life. A usable plan for a new social system exists; it is on this CD. I supposed you would want to know who I am and what part I have taken as a social activist for these past forty years so I include a brief autobiographical article on this CD. I will come and speak to your group about this plan for a new method of social operation if you contact me.


The time has come the walrus said;
and I am the walrus.
 KOO koo catch you!

Be proud be happy




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For as long is it is possible for elite power groups to  hire others to do their bidding  and  pay to have their own people elected to positions of political power they will continue to rule over others despite….. Well everything resisters can ever do within the current price system.


Just suppose for this moment that a plan for a social operation for all of North America that did not involve electing ANYONE to a position of political power existed. Wait there is one more supposition. Further suppose that this plan excluded the use of money IN ANY FORM.

A new and perhaps final way of dis-empowering the power elite groups OK, now it follows that if such a plan was used no one could be paid to do the bidding of any of the power elite groups that we activists have been warning others about and trying to shut down.  Suppositions aside such a plan exists and anyone who follows the links on this CD will both learn about the plan and see quite plainly that the entire Continent of North America can now be operated without elected politicians or the usage of money.



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