"604 Connect!"

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ's

      Training Q & A's

      1.      When is the next round of training?

Basic training sessions are held regularly through the duration of the
project.  At the beginning of each month a schedule for all upcoming
sessions will be emailed or faxed to participating groups.

      2.      Can we send more than two people to basic training?

If space permits, we'd be happy to accomodate this request.  However, as
we are offering basic training to 400 individuals (two from 200 groups),
third person requests will only be offered  where class space cannot be
filled with first or second person requests.

      3.      When will applied skills training begin?

Some applied skills workshops run on a regular basis.  For example we
offer regular afternoon drop-in sessions every Monday @ 2:30 at 411
Dunsmuir.  You do not have to pre-register for this session and you are
welcome to attend as many times as you wish.  In the first hour we discuss
using the Internet from an organizational perspective, content lists,
newsgroups and web publishing.  In the second hour we offer hands on
training utilizing FTP (file transfer protocal) and web editing
software. Bring you questions and we will help you get an answer.

Other applied skills training sessions, such as An Introduction to HTML,
Online Advocacy, Promoting your website,  run on a less frequent
basis.  As with the basic training, we will produce monthly bulletins
which are sent out to groups.  Pre-registration will be required.

      4.      What is applied skills training?

Advanced skills training will focus on developing and using some of the
skills you heard about in the basic training.  They will also be topic
related, allowing you to choose areas your group wants to focus
on.  We anticipate that we will be offering courses dealing with web page
design, HTML coding, using the Internet as a fundraising and or advocacy

      Computer Purchasing Q & A's:

      1.      What is the process for purchasing new computers?

A brochure is being distributed to all groups for computer purchases. Fill
out the application portion of this brochure and return it with your
cheque made payable to Sona Computer Inc. to 604 Connect, 2nd Floor, 411
Dunsmuir, Vancouver, BC  V6B 1X4.

     2.      Who is our Delivery Agency

"604 Connect!" is your local delivery agency.  Our phone number is

      4.      Who do we make the cheque out to?

Cheques should be make payable to Sona Computer Inc.

      5.      Can groups pay by credit?

No, Sona Computers Inc. is accepting payment by cheque only.

  7.      What is the order date?

The date which you send in your purchase application to "604 Connect!"

      8.      Can we get a printer or scanner?

Printers and scanners are not considered an integral component of the "604
Connect!" project but may be available to groups through third parties. If
you wish, you may contact Sona Computer Inc. directly for further pricing
and product information.

For those interested in used printers or modems, we will be working with
Tradeworks Training Society.  Tradeworks will be providing used printers
and modems on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.  Groups
wanting to apply for this equipment should send a written request directly
to Bob Gilson at Tradeworks Training Society, 876 East Cordova Diversion,
Vancouver, BC,  V6A 3R3 and copy "604 Connect!"

      Computer Delivery/Installation Q & A's

      1.      Who will deliver our computer?

If you are purchasing a new computer through the "604 Connect!" program,
Sona Computers will deliver your computer via Canada Post courier.  If you
would like a Sona Representative to assist you with the basic setup and
installation of your new system you should phone 1-800-263-3787 and
schedule an appointment.

 Sona will not be setting up your Internet access so "604
Connect!" will send  an installation crew to your site as soon as possible
following delivery.  If you are purchasing a refurbished computer, the
installation crew from "604 Connect!" will  deliver and set up and
configure your machine for Internet use.

      2.      When will we get our computer?

Delivery seems to take place approximately 4 to 5 weeks after ordering.

          3.      What exactly will "604" installation crews be doing?

Our crew will ensure that your computer is configured properly for
Internet connection.  During the installation we will also invite your
staff and or volunteers to review the basic skills learned at the training
workshops.  We will assist you in setting up relevant bookmarks and e-mail

      Other Q & A's:

1.      Do we need an email server or an ISP to send and receive e-mail?

No, the project provides you with a connection to the Internet and an
e-mail account for your group.

      2.      Do we need a web server?

No, you will be able to browse the web using Netscape or Internet Explorer
by using the dial-up phone connection to the Internet that comes with the
VolNet package.

      3.      Should we have a web page designed?

Yes & No.  The important thing is a strategy for sustainable use of
the Internet.  That includes a web page with current useful
information.  If you have a strategy for design and publishing that is
within the capacity of your group to sustain, by all means go
ahead.  If you're not sure what you're getting into, you may want to
attend one of our group sessions.

      4       What if we want our own Domain
name?  Ie.  www.yourgroup.bc.ca

You will automatically be given a subdomain web page
(www.vcn.bc.ca/yourgroup).  You will be able to edit and update this page
as frequently as you like.  If you want your own domain name
(www.yourgroup.bc.ca) VCN offers this service for a
nominal fee of $100 per year plus $100 in the first year to set it up.

See the webpage at www.vcn.bc.ca/groups for details.

      5.      How should we check to see if our web page is okay

You can use a web page validator, one of the best is at www.wez.org.

      6.      Do we need a dedicated phone line for this service.

No.  You can use a splitter to share your current phone line.  If you use
a splitter, you will not be able to talk on the phone and use the Internet
at the same time.

For more information, e-mail: 604connect@vcn.bc.ca
tel: 604.257.3806
fax: 604.257-3808

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