Application for the VolNet Service Package

Section 1        Are you eligible for the VolNet Service Package?


To qualify for a VolNet service package, you must:


·         be incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under appropriate provincial or federal legislation, or be registered with Revenue Canada as a charity or an amateur athletic association;

·         have a voluntary board of directors;

·         offer services or programs that serve the public interest;

·         operate democratically, or in other participatory ways, and represent your membership or constituency;

·         have annual revenues of less than $500,000;

·         not have been connected to the Internet in the last six months;

·         be planning to use the Internet in your work in the near future.


The following are not eligible: Individuals, profit-oriented organizations, industry and trade associations (including professional associations), political parties and organizations involved exclusively in partisan political activity, municipalities, universities, hospitals, schools, organizations already served by similar government programs, places of worship (as opposed to religious charities), and labour unions.


Please note that meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee receipt of a VolNet Service package.


Do you meet the eligibility requirements?


q   Yes, we meet the eligibility requirements, including not having been connected to the Internet in the last six months.  Please continue.


q   No, we do not meet all the eligibility requirements.

You may still be interested in the Internet workshops or other services our member groups offer to non-profit groups.  Please return Section 2 and 3 so we can keep you informed.

Funded by Industry Canada's VolNet Program.




Signature of Authorizing Official                                                      Date




Print Name




Section 2        Who you are*

*The names of all organizations participating in VolNet may be released to the media/public.




Incorporation or charity number:                                                                                                                     








Phone:                                                                                    Fax:                                                                    


Contact person:                                                                       Contact’s phone:                                                


Contact’s email address (if available):                                                                                                               


Who will be responsible for Internet use in the organization?


Name:                                                                                      Title:                                                                  


This person is:        q A staff member          q A volunteer


Official Language most commonly used in organization:    q English    q French


Sector:   If you represent more than one sector, put 1 beside the primary sector and 2 beside the secondary


q Arts and Culture                           q Environment                          q Faith

q Health                                         q International Development       q Justice

q Recreation and Sports                   q Social Services

q Equality-seeking:  Please indicate below what best describes your focus:

m Aboriginal                           m Economically disadvantaged    m Elderly

m Minority language groups     m People with disabilities            m Women

m Youth


Location:    q Urban      q Rural



Section 3        VolNet Service Package Needs Identification


Note:     All eligible participants will receive Internet connectivity at no charge for one year.


1.   Does your organization need basic Internet training?


q Yes         q No


2.       Does your organization need applied skills development (e.g. how to develop a website, using HTML, using the Internet for fundraising/advocacy/research)?


q Yes         q No


3.   Does your organization presently own a computer, either a PC 486 or higher or a MAC 68030 or higher, that could be used by the general staff and designated for Internet-related activities (e.g., email, research, Web-based developments)?


q Yes         q No


i) If “Yes”, would you require:

q   a modem (required for Internet connectivity)

q   Peripherals

q   Windows98

q   devices such as TTT, Braille reader, etc. (for special need organizations only)


In some circumstances organizations may qualify for up to 50% of the cost of these items. Please consult with us regarding the possibilities.


ii) If  “No”:


A)  Would you like to purchase a new PC (Intel Celeron, 333 MHz, with 32 MB RAM, 3.2GB hard drive, 15" monitor, 40xCD-ROM, integrated 56K modem and Windows98, including on-site installation and parts warranty and support service for 1 year, at a subsidized cost of $586.44)?


q Yes         q No


B)  We are also working with a recycled computer supplier in the event that you wish to purchase a recycled computer at half the cost of the upgrade.  Would you be interested in this?


q Yes         q No



Please attach:


A.      a list of the members of your board of directors

B.       a copy of your most recent AGM minutes

C.       a brief description of the programs and services you offer

D.      a brief description of your missions, goals and objectives

E.       last year’s financial statements (can be from your head office, if you are a branch office and do not operate with your own budget)

F.       a brief description of your organization’s commitment to the Internet, including:

·            at least two ways that the Internet will be used in your organization (such as communicating with board or members, grant research, recruiting volunteers, training, sharing information with similar organizations)

·            how you will integrate the Internet into your organizational work plan

·            how you will sustain the use of the Internet once you are connected

For assistance or questions about the program, please contact:

Terri Kennedy at (604) 257-3806,


Additional forms and information are available at


Return form (fax, mail, or email) to the above address.