View Court Housing Co-op

View Court is a friendly, quiet, mutually supportive and diverse community of individuals, working together to maintain and develop a secure and independent home for all of us.

Formed as a self-managed housing co-operative since 1980, View Court comprises 32 suites in two characterful buildings dating from early in the last century, and is located at 12 West Tenth Avenue in Vancouver. Suites are in various sizes: small bachelors, several sizes of one-bedroom suite, and two two-bedroom suites in the house next door to the main building. As a housing co-operative under Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation rules, View Court is owned and operated by its membership. Budgets, housing charges, and general policies and procedures are established by twice-yearly general meetings of the membership, and carried out by the Board of Directors and three committees: Finance, Maintenance, and Membership. Facilities include a very attractive backyard with a garden; laundry machines; a meeting area; a secure bike room; and secure storage lockers. Housing charges are typically below market rents for comparable commercial rental housing.

All members are expected to perform occasional light duties such as vacuuming the hallways, polishing brass fixtures, or mopping the laundry floor. All members are also expected to participate in one of the committees or the Board of Directors, each of which meets about once a month. Together, these communal tasks normally require well under ten hours each month, typically averaging less than half that.

Each new member must purchase $1000 in shares in the co-op, which is refunded (less expenses etc.) upon leaving the co-op. New members may make arrangements to pay part of their share purchase over time. The value of the shares is used by View Court to generate income to help support the operation of the co-op, and also may work in effect as a damage deposit. After one year of active membership, a member may apply for subsidized housing charges, which are linked to a percentage of income rather than the fixed monthly "market rate," to a maximum equal to the market rate, and a minimum set by the general membership. This allows members to expect a secure and stable home in spite of fluctuations in their incomes. Availability of subsidies, as well as the actual subsidy rate, is decided by the general membership each year, according to the financial condition of the co-op and the needs of the membership.

Apart from a secure home and relatively inexpensive rent compared to the open market, View Court has a friendly atmosphere in which everyone knows everyone else, and individuality is valued and respected as much as social participation. As members of a housing co-operative, we also enjoy other advantages such as lower home insurance rates and discounts at various businesses that recognize the value of supporting the co-operative lifestyle.