January - June 2018
Vancouver B.C.

Contradances and
English Country Dances

Dynamic live fiddle music!

No experience necessary — All dances taught on the spot
Come alone or bring a partner
Light clothing, soft shoes, and a water bottle suggested
Please come fragrance-free

Dances are at St. James Hall for $15
(except as noted)
Learn the basics 15 minutes before the dance starts.
For info about snacks and discounts, see Sponsors (at the bottom).
Children are free.

(This schedule is also available in PDF format.)
date time location price sponsor event
Sat Jan 6 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs Portland's Woody Lane calls
Sun Jan 7 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Local band and callers
Sat Jan 20 8 - 11pm St James $15 VCD Bob Rentz calls with Ireland Bridge: Squamish's John Gothard and Seattle's Anita Anderson and Dale Russ
Sun Jan 21 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Open band; local callers
Sat Feb 3 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs Seattle's Joe Micheals calls
Sun Feb 4 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Local band and callers
Sat Feb 17 8 - 11pm St James $15 VCD Rich Goss calls with Right Hand Star: Maureen Collier, Leith Davis, Janet Rozanski, Kate Semple, and Daryl Sturdy
Sun Feb 18 4 - 7pm SMUCC $15 ECD Local band and callers
Fri Feb 23 7 - 10pm False Creek $15 Russell Lisa Siddons calls
Sat Mar 3 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs CANCELLED
Sun Mar 4 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Local band and callers
Sat Mar 17 8 - 11pm St James $15 VCD From the USA, Michael Karcher calls with Northern Contraband: Eileen Sterns, Mark Danielson, Michael Hobart, Greg Sherman, and Steve Blum-Anderson
Sun Mar 18 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Open band; local callers
Fri Mar 23 7 - 10pm False Creek $15 Russell Maureen Collier calls
Sat Apr 7 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs Lisa Siddons calls
Fri Apr 13 7:30-10:30pm SCC $15 ECD
Sat Apr 14 - SCC In Advance ECD Ball For information, come to a regular English country dance
Thu Apr 19 7:00pm W 48th - VCD Dance meeting! All welcome 604-266-2962
Sat Apr 21 8 - 11pm St James $15 VCD Seattle's Sherry Nevins calls with Concordance: Ken Hamer, Leith Davis, Maureen Collier, Barry Cole, Kate Semple, and Connie Balaz
Sun Apr 22 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Open band; local callers
Fri Apr 27 7 - 10pm False Creek $15 Russell Bob Rentz calls
Sat May 5 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs Caller Abigail Hobart
Sun May 6 4 - 7pm Legion $15 ECD Rattlebone; local callers
Sat May 19 8 - 11pm St James $15 VCD From Seattle, Gwen Rousseau calls with Improper: Melissa Coffey, Sean Bolton, and Nick Leininger
May 25-28   Seattle   - Folklife (Seattle); by donation http://nwfolklife.org
Sat Jun 2 7:30 - 10:15pm St James $15 Sybs Seattle's Lindsey Dono calls
Sun Jun 3 2:30-5:30pm Cambrian $15 ECD Local band and callers
Sat Jun 16 8 - 11pm Sanford $15 VCD Annual family potluck at 6:30 and dance at 8:00 (no discounts for snacks). This year at Sanford Hall Maureen Collier and Rebecca Robertson call with No Mean Feat: Cameron Stewart, Susan Stewart, Bob MacNevin, and Michael Gix

The Halls
Cambrian Cambrian Hall 215 East 17th Avenue (at Main Street), Vancouver map bus
False Creek False Creek Community Centre 1318 Cartwright, Vancouver (Free parking after 7 on Granville Island) map bus
Legion Legion Hall 1407 Laburnum Street (north of Cornwall Avenue), Vancouver map bus
SCC Scottish Cultural Centre 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver map bus
SMUCC St M Ukrainian Catholic Centre 3150 Ash St, Vancouver (From 16 go N on Ash into Parking Lot. Look for blue awning on W side of Centre. Use door on E side of Centre. ) map bus
Sanford Sanford Hall 1367 128th St, Surrey (Continue past Elgin Hall on Crescent Rd to 128, turn L. Go 1 1/4 mi or 2 km. Within site of the end of 128, with the park on your R look for a small green sign on the R "Sanford Hall") map bus
St James St James Hall 3214 West 10th Avenue (at Trutch Street), Vancouver map bus

The Sponsors
ECD English country dances. 604-522-3500. Callers: Heather Webster, Bob Rentz, Susan Larkin — led by Peggy Roe. Bring snacks to share. Musicians are welcome at open bands, but please phone first.
Russell Russell Shumsky. 604-253-2114 Admission $15; no discounts
Sybs Sybaritic String Band contradances. 778-999-8170. Sponsored by the Rogue Folk Club.
Admission is $15, and only $10 if you bring snacks to share.
VCD Vancouver Country Dance. To subscribe to our email reminder service, please contact us: purplehey_AT_hotmail.com or 604-266-2962.
Admission is $15, and only $10 if you bring homemade snacks to share (except at the potluck and Christmas dance)
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VCD is an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.