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About Vancouver Country Dance

Vancouver Country Dance (VCD) and the Sybaritic String Band both host contradance series in Vancouver, British Columbia. VCD publishes an all-inclusive dance schedule twice a year. If you come to a dance, you can sign up for our free mailing list to receive these schedules. Callers, musicians, and halls change over time.

Vancouver Country Dance is a non-profit association of dancers engaged in promoting and providing country dance in Vancouver. We sponsor other dance ventures such as the Chehalis dance weekend.

The main dance form at VCD-sponsored events is contradance, with occasional squares, mixers, and other formations. There is always a waltz to end the evening.

We promote live music, and always use musicians and callers rather than recordings. We nourish local talent, and independent organizers hosting special public contradance events will be given free advertising on our regular schedule and access to renting our sound equipment.

VCD is coordinated by a committee populated by the leaders of VCD ventures and other wise souls. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

For more information about VCD, email purplehey_AT_hotmail.com or phone 604-266-2962.

Nearby contradance communities include Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox Valley, Bellingham, Seattle, and Calgary.

In Vancouver, you might also enjoy English Country Dance, Scottish Country Dance, or Irish Ceili Dancing.

Square dance in Vancouver is enjoying a vigorous revival. The roving dance weekend Dare to be Square is in Vancouver November 2015.