Vancouver Community Network User Removal Policy.


This policy is intended as a set of guidelines and procedures for dealing with users who have abused the CommunityNet system in some manner, or are the target of complaints from system administrators within our system or elsewhere on the Internet, or are the target of general complaints from other users within or outside of the CommunityNet system.

This policy has a two-tier system in categorizing user abuse and a system of appeals to guarantee both user rights as well as system security.

Definition of Abuse:

Abuse of the CommunityNet system falls within two categories:

Category One: (Hardware/software abuse)

This is the case where a user is caught trying to exploit some weakness in the setup of the CommunityNet hardware/software, or is using the CommunityNet as the means of access in exploiting other hardware/software on the Internet. Users within this category are deemed to have "hacked" our system.

Category Two: (Netiquette abuse)

This is the case where a user has a complaint registered against them which does not involve a Category One offence, but is instead, a breach of the Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement of the CommunityNet.

System Administrator Actions:

In all Category One offences, the system administrators of CommunityNet are authorized to immediately remove access to the offending user's account, as well as any further actions needed for the security of our system, at their discretion. A full reporting of this incident must then be made within 72 hours via any applicable medium to the CommunityNet Ombudsperson as well as the CommunityNet Board (via the Secretary of the Board of Directors).

In all Category Two offences, the system administrators of CommunityNet are asked to immediately report the incident, with all pertinent details, to the CommunityNet Ombudsperson for a decision on action. The system administrators are not authorized to act in any way on Category Two offences without express authorization of the CommunityNet Ombudsperson.

Role of Ombudsperson:

The role of Ombudsperson is the first layer of appeal and the final arbitrator to any abuses to the system.

In Category One offences, the user has the right to appeal the decision to remove his/her access by appealing to the Ombudsperson in writing. The Ombudsperson, with the report from the system administrators, then makes a decision to uphold the removal of the user's access rights or to overturn the system administrator's decision and restore their rights.

In Category Two offences, the Ombudsperson must immediately decide on a course of action based on the system administrators' report. The Ombudsperson is the authorizing person for any activities to the user's account in a Category Two offence.

Method of Appeal:

Should a user find themselves in a situation where their access rights to the CommunityNet are removed, they are free to appeal to the Board of Directors, or any designated Board committee empowered to deal with appeals.

The user may submit an appeal to the Board c/o the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and they may appeal in person at the next Board meeting. The Board of Directors or a designated committee empowered to do so, will then vote to uphold or reverse the Ombudsperson's decision. This appeal must be filed within 30 days of the incident, and all materials pertinent must be submitted no later than 60 days of the incident.

In all cases, the decision of the CommunityNet Board of Directors is without appeal, and considered final.

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  • Revised: January 13, 2000