The Vancouver CommunityNet - Other email addresses.

Some important e-mail addresses:
We have just instituted a new email address to deal with abuse of our system. Complaints to this address will in return email, receive a ticket number, which places your complaint in a first come, first served order and will ensure that handled of your complaint is orderly and as expedient as possible.
This is the vehicle by which you can raise issues with the Board of Directors. Mail sent to this address goes to all board members. Please only send brief notes of specifically policy-related issues. Don't send technical questions to the board list.
If you have questions about volunteering for the VCN, send a message to this account. This is who to call if you want to help out!
This is where people can ask for help about the system. This is being answered by online help as well our office volunteers and is the vehicle for one-on-one user support for the users. Remember - please read our online help documentation first before sending email to our swamped help desk volunteers! Or read our Help Desk page.
This is the generic address where all system administration questions should go to. This contacts all of our local UNIX gurus for those impossible tasks we want done yesterday.
The address for sending all mail related to the World Wide Web. Remember - this is for questions about VCN Web information only. If some other site out in cyberspace isn't working there isn't anything our Webmaster can do about it! For more details check out the Webmaster contact page.

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