Vancouver Community Network

Board Meeting Minutes March 16,1999

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Vancouver Community Network Board of Directors, held on Tuesday, February 16, 1999, commencing at 6:30p.m. in the 411 Boardroom, 411 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC.


Alison Curtis
Lyle Gardiner
Penny Goldsmith
Paul Hunt
Suzanne Klinga
Darlene McBain
Sujay Nazareth
Jonn Oldym
Richard Smith
Richard Songhurst
Greg Sturk


Josee Lebel
ABSENT: Keith Kan
Lyle Gardiner


Jason Currell, Peter Royce.


Penny Goldsmith


Richard Songhurst

The Chair called meeting to order at : 6:30 p.m.


Additions to the Agenda:
10c. Email: Jonn.

2. Minutes

Missing from the minutes: Suzanne was present, Paul had sent his regrets, Darlene was absent.

On motion, duly made by Paul and seconded by Suzanne, It was unanimously resolved: THAT the VCN Board, adopt as circulated, the draft minutes of its Regular Meeting held on February 16, 1999. Carried


3. Staff Reports

3a. Peter Royce - Coordinator.

Peter has submitted a report outlining his work.



3b. Jason Currell System Administrator



4. Fundraising Committee Report

Note: Fundraising Committee meetings are held on the second Monday each month.

5. Cash Flow Report

Peter presented a Cash Flow report for Darlene, who is on holiday.

6. Project Reports

6a. VolNet. Peter Royce.

The goal of this project is to bring 10,000 non-profit organizations onto the Internet within four years. VolNet will fund delivery agencies (D.A.) in each region of the country. These delivery agents will be accessed for certain criteria. We are now applying for the assessment phase. A consortium of local agencies including VCN is applying for D.A. components. Amount applied for is approx. $329,000. VCN, United Way of the Lower Mainland, Volunteer Vancouver, Tradeworks Training Society and Van. East Community Skills Connection are the members of this consortium.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.


"Penny Goldsmith", Chair

Richard Songhurst, Secretary


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