Dublin Bay



The Playford Ball, Shimer and Keller


Barnes I, 31


More Favorites of the Boston Centre: Volume 2:  Bare Necessities




Duple minor longways




(1 - 2)

1s set forward toward their corners (W1 passing in front)


(3 - 6)

Corner R-hand turn to finish with 1s improper above


(7 - 10)

1s cross (by R shoulders), dance down behind the 2s (2s move up), meet in the middle and face (same gender) neighbour


(11 - 14)

Arm L with neighbour, to end in a line of 4 facing down (1s in the middle)


(1 - 4)

Fall back (up) a double, lead forward (down) a double


(5 - 8)

All turn individually (toward neighbour) to face up, and (continuing in the same direction) fall back (down) a double, lead forward (up) a double


(9 - 10)

2s gate 1s up and around to progressed places