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A large scale ski resort (14,186 beds, 12,000-27,900 skiers/day) is proposed for a pristine mountainous area in the Cayoosh Range. The proposed development would affect the local mountain goat, wolverine and grizzly bear populations.

SPEC is opposed to the Ski Development Project proposal which has, as of August 14, 2000, been granted certificate approval by the British Columbia government's New Democratic Party Cabinet Ministers, despite the strong objections of the St'at'imc (First Nation), who hold title and rights to the greater Duffey Lake area.

SPEC is concerned about the effects this proposed development would have on the local mountain goat and wolverine populations, and especially concerned about the grizzly bear populations known to frequent the area.

SPEC also believes that the submitted Environmental Impact Assessment and Cumulative Environmental Effects Assessment is deficient and should be further reviewed.
Melvin Creek Map Gallery
For recent newspaper summary coverage, click on the Chronology document below under Links and Online Articles, and go to part 3, for 1998-2000.

Contributions to SPEC's campaign to save Melvin Creek can be made to: Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, 2150 Maple St., Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3T3. A charitable tax receipt will be issued.

Visit our Melvin Creek photo gallery, or check out the various maps in the map index, including maps on grizzly bear and mountain goat distribution in the Melvin Creek area. For lighter viewing, try the Glen and Moe cartoon.

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W h a t  Y o u  C a n  D o  W h a t  Y o u  C a n  D o

L i n k s  a n d  O n l i n e  A r t i c l e s  L i n k s  A r t i c l e s

Check out the wildlife report prepared for the St'at'imc by Ecodomain Consulting below (May 8, 2000), the government's Project Committee response (June 9, 2000), Ecodomain's response to the government's response (July 7, 2000), and Matt Austin's report (April 27, 2000).

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