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A support group for those practicing Infant Potty Training 


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Infant Potty Training

a.k.a. Elimination Communication/Training 
a.k.a. Diaperlessness 
a.k.a Natural Infant Hygiene

Whatever you call it, in most of the world today and throughout time parents have communicated with their infants about elimination, training them long before the usual age in North America. Other cultures believe that infants know when they need to eliminate and communicate it to their caregivers at an early age – even from birth.

This system shows respect for the infant, acknowledging their self-awareness and rejecting the idea that they should be programmed to use their pants as toilets. One of the keys to this method is for the parents to maintain a relaxed, non-judgemental attitude toward it. Expecting set-backs and accidents is part of the process. But having others to talk to about this is what will make it truly a success.

That’s why there is a local support group for those wanting to practice infant potty training - a combination of observing, routine pottying, and sound/signal associations – in order to skip diapering, and the anxiety-producing toilet training two years down the road.

When you think of the amount of time and money spent on keeping an infant in diapers and later weaning them off them, not to mention the cost to the earth of decomposing hundreds of thousands of disposable diapers (each taking 100 years or more), this method really doesn’t take as much time, effort, or expense as it first looks. What it does give you is more quality time with your baby in its first year and later when you would ordinarily have been spending time toilet-training her.

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