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These Links are offered as a Service. We do not recommend any of them but by the very nature of listing only a few we have of course made our choice. Your judgement must be used when surfing the Web. If they are broken, e-mail us and we will try and get them fixed or delete them. Due to the nature of lots of junk-mail to our site sometimes we will miss your e-mail so please try again if you do not get a reply.

Interesting Links

Rumi or Mevlevi Sites

Great Rumi Site in Europe (England).
Mevlevi Order of America
The Threshold Society
The Rumi Forum
www.semazen.net Mevlevi Tarikat site  in Turkish and English .
Dar al Masnavi
The First Book of the Masnavi as translated and read by Jawid Mojaddedi in podcast mp3.

Other Sufi Tarikats (Dervish Paths)

Sheikh Sherif Chatalkaya Efendi of the Rifai-Marufi Tarikat
Helveti-Jerrahi Tariqat
Qadiri-Rifai Tarikat

Related or derived from Sufism

Vancouver area Sufi Order Group
Abwoon Study Circle (Dr. Neil Douglas Klotz) 
Chalice Guild: Reshad Feild
The International Sufi Movement
Kebzeh Tradition of the Caucasus (Murat Yagan)
Qutb Bawa Muhaiyeddin (Q.A.S.)
Sufi Amir Khusro (Poet)
Sufi Order International (North America)
Sufi Ruhaniat International (Murshid Sam Lewis)
Sufism in the Seattle Area