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About GWAC

The Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC), founded 1971, is an elected, non-profit society that has as it's purpose:

a) To establish an organization to inform people in a way that they will understand, of services and programs that are either available to them or being planned.

b) To provide a forum for residents to express opinions and to take action on problems and needs of the Grandview-Woodland area.

c) To promote fact-finding surveys and studies of Grandview-Woodland’s community needs and problems.

d) To be aware and promote an awareness of local issues, take action when necessary and to represent the Grandview-Woodland area on both government and non-government decision-making bodies.

e) To seek representation from and to cooperate with other groups in the area and adjacent areas.

f) To carry on the function of a non-profit information centre.

Membership is open to anyone who resides or who works in the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood and who registers their contact information at a GWAC Annual General meeting or monthly meeting. The boundaries of Grandview-Woodland are the north side of Broadway to the Burrard Inlet waterfront, and the east side of Clark Drive through to the west side of Nanaimo Street.

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Unless otherwise announced, the GWAC Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of every month, except for on holidays, at 7:00 pm in the Learning Resources Centre, under the Britannia Library.

The GWAC website is intended to foster dialogue amongst the citizens in the area, and provide the board members with information and direction from the community. It also serves as one means of disseminating GWAC activities to the community. We encourage feedback, comments and suggestions.

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