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ECO-CAFE: A CASE STUDY March 22, 2001 Kim Rink et al
PRESENTATION & SLIDE SHOW: Through the kitchen window: Experiments at home that inform sustainable design consulting. September 11, 2001 David Rousseau
GREEN BUILDING CONFERENCE: Presentation & Display Table; Offical launch of EDRS website October 3rd, 2001 EDRS is one of GVRD's partners on this event
STREAM WORKSHOP November 22nd, 2001 Participants
Members Gathering December 6, 2001  

Stream Workshop

In this workshop people from various interest groups/constituencies worked together to discuss the proposed Stream Protection Regulation in order to find common ground, explore issues and questions of concern, and suggest 'solutions' (e.g., design and/or implementation principles and guidelines). Government, ENGOs, design community, development community, academia and general public were among those represented in each small working group.

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Presentation and Slide Show Through the kitchen window -Experiments at home that inform sustainable design consulting. with David Rousseau, September, 2001

An entertaining and literary account of David's experiences with his "Island Lab" home, sprinkled with readings and anecdotes, organized around the cylces of water, energy, materials, and waste. David is an architect who is one of the brightest lights in green building design and innovative thinking on sustainable development in North America --including being a key player on green architectural guidelines for Santa Monica. David agreed to leave his home on Cortez Island to come to the city and let us all in on his latest ideas and insights.

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EcoDesign Green Home Tour, Saturday June 16th, 2001

Highlights included:

Molehill Community Housing featuring a ground source heat pump and some social components. Sean McEwen (Project Archictect) and Lynn Mueller (Heating Contractor, PacificGeo Exchange) was on hand to describe the system and conduct the tour.

ArdenCraig - a character restoration/densification residential development using many green/salvaged materials, attention to Indoor Air Quality and energy efficiency. Tour conducted by Heather Tremain, member of the design team.

Strathcona Community Gardens - gardens featuring sustainable agriculture, PV array supplies all power, composting toilet, grey water recycling system. Tour conducted by Muggs Sigursierson.

For more information, click here:

Summary: EVT_BikeTour_010616  (pdf file - 40 K)
itinerary.pdf      (pdf file - 49 K)
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Eco-Cafe: A Case Study, March 2001

Issues explored included:

Model for Sustainable Community:
Green buildings, Urban Agriculture, Pedestrian Orientation, People "In Community", Alternative Energy, EcoSystem Restoration and Waste as Resource.

BGBH Seminars and Content:
Water Systems, Energy Systems, Building Science, Healthy Indoor Environment, Integrated Design Process.

For more information, click here: EVT_EcoCafe_Mar01.pdf
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Natural Gas Visit & Ray Cole Talk - January 18th, 2001

The tour was very interesting with Jonathan Rider pointing out key features and explaining function; we also had the additional input of Met Ulker, an engineer on the project. Following the tour we all made our way to Elizabeth's Cafe (much higher-end than the name might suggest) and enjoyed a great dinner along with the usual liquid libations.

As we sat with our coffees after dinner, Ray Cole spoke informally for an hour or so about the challenges of formulating green building performance criteria (especially ones that are applicable cross contexts and internationally); different perspective camps; politics; the origins of the initiative, its' progress and its future directions.

Ray also talked ab it about GBC2002 (Oslo, probably September) and we can expect to hear more on that in the upcoming months. Currently it appears that 4 working sessions are planned as part of the event:

  1. Weighting protocols.
  2. Context & Transportation.
  3. Benchmarking and scoring protocols (for a particular project in a particular region). Ray also talked about 37 cases that were examined recently. One might assume there would s be some agreement -- especially within a region -- but he found as much as a 500% difference in benchmarks used even within a region!
  4. Performance Criteria! At the moment, it looks like 4 areas for performance criteria have been agreed upon: absolute energy use; green house gas emissions; water use; and land use. Sounds like a good start.

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