Cougar Creek Streamkeepers is an informal group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health of Cougar Creek, a salmon stream that rises in Surrey, British Columbia (Canada), flows through North Delta and empties into the Fraser River.

Our principal projects are streamside restoration, salmon rearing and release, creation of rain gardens to reduce stormwater damage to the creek, removal of English ivy and other invasives, and litter pickup.   Project coordinators, selected by consensus on the basis of expertise, interest and availability, head up these activities.

We welcome new volunteers who would like to help us with existing projects or start up new ones. Alternatively, join our “Streamkeeper” email list to receive notices of upcoming work parties and other events. Come when you can – even just an hour of your time now and then can make a difference!

Even if you are too busy to join in on Streamkeeper activities, you can still contribute to the health of our creek and others like it, simply by following some environment-friendly tips for home & garden.


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