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    Urban Governance:

  1. The Architect of the Community - A Participative Designing Method - Cuba
  2. Batikent Project - Turkey
  3. Child in the Park - Brazil
  4. City Management in Tilburg: Past, Present and Future - The Netherlands
  5. The Communidades Program, Fortaleza - Brazil
  6. Community Information Resource Center - South Africa
  7. Community Participation for Clean Surroundings - EXNORA - India
  8. Community Participation in the Management of the Urban Environment - Senegal
  9. Creating a Sustainable Community: Vision 2020 - Canada
  10. Diadema: Consolidating Innovative Alternatives of Municipal Management - Brazil
  11. The Experience of the Participative Budget in Porto Alegre - Brazil
  12. Institutionalizing Community-Based Development - Cote d'Ivoire
  13. The Konala Game - Finland
  14. Local Initiatives Program, Lublin - Poland
  15. Local Level Capacity Strenghtening in Guelph/Ontario and in Jinga/Uganda - Uganda
  16. Low-Cost Housing - Malawi
  17. Metro Toronto's Changing Communities: Innovative Responses - Canada
  18. Neighbourhood Management Company, Stedenwijk Rotterdam - The Netherlands
  19. Oslo Old Town - Community Participation in Environment Improvement - Norway
  20. Poverty Alleviation through Community Participation (UBSP) - India
  21. Quartiers en Crise - Belgium
  22. Regional Network of Local Authorities for Management of Human Settlements - Japan
  23. Santos: Integrated Children's and Family Program - Brazil
  24. Self-help Housing: Mutirao 50, Fortaleza - Brazil
  25. Settlement Upgrading Project (DUA/GTZ Project) - Senegal
  26. Transforming Neighborhoods Together - USA
  27. VERTTI - A Reference Database for Municipal Services - Finland
  28. Walterton Neighbourhood Builders, Ltd. - United Kingdom

Source of Best Practice Information:
all of the programme summaries are taken from the Best Practices Database compiled by UN-Habitat and with the support of the UNESCO-MOST Clearing House. The database is extensive and contains 700 examples of good and best practices which were reviewed and judged by independent technical committees and juries for the Habitat II City Summit in Istanbul in 1996, and for the Dubai International Awards for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment, in 1998. The summaries of selected good and best practices are included in the MOST Database because of their particular relevance to or impact on poverty eradication and on social cohesion. More information on the Best Practices Database, the Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme and the Dubai International Awards can be obtained by contacting:

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