Community Organizing
Why important
Planning and Acting
Getting Noticed
Getting People
Keeping People
Meeting and Deciding
Group Structure
Listening Projects
Gandhi's Methods
Arnstein's Ladder
Strategic Thinking

Community Building Activities
Child Minding Co-ops
The Roots of Empathy
Community Gardens
Community Kitchens
Block Watch and Block Parents
Community Crime Prevention
Block Parties
Block Cleanups
Festivals and Parades
Guerrilla Gardening
Community Image Making
Intergenerational Activities
Environmental Activities
Street Reclaiming
Good Neighbour Awards
Organizing around Hot Issues
Block by Block Organizing
Study Circles
Visioning Exercises
Information Sharing
Citizens Juries
Rating Candidates for Public Office
Other Activities

The Citizen's Library
Books on building local democracy
Books on action organizing
Books on media advocacy
Books on working with others

New Ways of Governing
Developing a Civic Culture / Ralph Nader
Bowling Alone / Robert Putnam
Serving Customers or Engaging Citizens
The First Step in Community Action (pdf)
Study on participation / League of Women
Neighbourhood Participation Models
Broken Windows/ Wilson and Kelling
Popular Governance
Confronting NIMBYism series
Public Participation Toolbox> (pdf)
Participation Method Comparison (pdf)
Best practices in governance (UNESCO)

Large Scale Action
The First Step in Community Action (pdf)
What works for Social Movements (pdf)
IAF Organizing (pdf)
Creating Community-wide Study Circles
Cyber Organizing
Framing Issues in the Media (pdf)
Framing Interconnectedness (pdf)
Post-Alinsky Organizing / John Kretzmann
New Strategies for People Power (pdf)
Direct Action with Hammers (news item)
Ten Commandments for Changing the World
Improving Mass Action Protests
Boycott Organizer's Guide (pdf)
Youth Action Guide on Climate Change(pdf)
Using Voting Records to Win Civic Elections

Grassroots Problems and Solutions
The Tragedy of the Commons / Garrett Hardin
Bowling Alone / Robert Putnam
How community groups destroy themselves
Study on participation / League of Women
What works for Social Movements (pdf)
IAF Organizing (pdf)
We need to spend less time at work
Post-Alinsky Organizing / John Kretzmann
Popular Governance
Foundation Funding of Grassroots Orgs
Survey of Giving and Volunteering in Canada
What Works for Community Development
New Strategies for People Power (pdf)

Links to the best stuff
Many of the best
Community Toolbox ~ a vast resource
Ashoka ~ social entrepreneurs
Green Media Toolshed ~ great media training
The Control Game ~ spot fake involvement
Shelterforce ~ community dev articles
ZNet ~ articles on social change
National Civic League ~ citizen involvement
Civic Practices Network ~ lots of material
Community Development Discussion Listserve
Citizen Toolbox ~ 60 tools from Australia
Benton Foundation ~ media action
Rural Community Toolbox
Creating Web Action Alerts
Training for Change

Vancouver Information
City of Vancouver Community Pages
City of Vancouver Public Involvement Guide
Block Party Guide
Vancouver Courier newspaper archive