Links to the best stuff
Community Toolbox ~ a vast resource
Ashoka ~ social entrepreneurs
Green Media Toolshed ~ great media training
The Control Game ~ spot fake involvement
Shelterforce ~ community dev articles
ZNet ~ articles on social change
National Civic League ~ citizen involvement
Civic Practices Network ~ lots of material
Community Development Discussion Listserve
Citizen Toolbox ~ 60 tools from Australia
Benton Foundation ~ media action
Rural Community Toolbox
Links for Building Democracy & Community
Creating Web Action Alerts
Training for Change

Democracy / Community
Antidote to Apathy ~ great TED talk on engagement in Canada

Time Banks~ NY Times article on sharing services and making friends

Activist Magazine Toolkit
Community Toolbox ~ large collection of how-to articles

Study Circles Resource Center ~ includes large how-to guide

Civic Practices Network ~ lots of material

New Tactics in Human Rights ~ human rights tactics from around the world
CANVAS ~ tactics from the group that won a nonviolent war against Milosevic
The Municipal League of King County ~ long running candidate evaluation project

Oranizations that build democracy

H-Urban ~ discussion and scholarly articles on urban history
and urban studies
International Association for Public Participation
Communitarian Network

Public Citizen (US)


Women in Media and News - media resources
Video Activist - lots of links
Center for Media & Democracy ~ PR Watch

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents

Elections / Voting

PoliticsOnline ~ "Fundraising and Internet Tools for Politics"

Teledemocracy network

Project Vote Smart

Proportional Representation Library

US National Election Studies

Steal Back your Vote - long piece of movie on US election fraud
Fair Vote Canada

Progressive Sites
Activist Resources - a great hub
Ruckus Training Materials & Resources

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Essential Information
The Progressive Directory
Kettering Foundation
Progressive Economics
- become a micro lender

Non-corporate Political Insight
Independent Media - Canadian non-corporate news
Dominion Paper
- Canadian News from the Grassroots
Truth Out

Michael Parenti
Greg Palast
George Monbiot
The Real News
Alternet Alternative News

Oreo Cookie Budget (US) - great animation
The Story of Stuff - animation on consumption

Web Parodies

Jean's Favorite Endangered Species Recipes

Black Envy

The Onion

Music Parodies

The Citizen's Library / Part 3-2
The Citizen's Handbook / Charles Dobson /