Links to the best stuff
Community Toolbox ~ a vast resource
Ashoka ~ social entrepreneurs
Green Media Toolshed ~ great media training
The Control Game ~ spot fake involvement
Shelterforce ~ community dev articles
ZNet ~ articles on social change
National Civic League ~ citizen involvement
Civic Practices Network ~ lots of material
Community Development Discussion Listserve
Citizen Toolbox ~ 60 tools from Australia
Benton Foundation ~ media action
Rural Community Toolbox
Links for Building Democracy & Community
Creating Web Action Alerts
Training for Change
Books on Publicity & Media Advocacy
Guerrilla PR:
How You can Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke

Michael Levine, Harper Business, NY, 1993.
This is not P.R. for guerrillas, but P.R. for people with no money. Citizen and public interest groups can benefit from this chatty but thorough book. Levine shows how to get publicity by coming up with ideas that engage the press. The first of his Ten Commandments for Dealing With Media is, "Never be boring. Never!"

Promoting Issues and Ideas:
A Guide to Public Relations for Non-profit Organizations

Public Interest P.R., The Foundation Center, New York, 1987.
Too many worthwhile efforts go unnoticed because citizens fear the media, or fail to grasp what makes news. Promoting Issues & Ideas can help overcome this problem. You would be wise to compliment this book with a do-it-yourself manual published in Canada, such as Michael Ura's Making the News, A Guide to Using the Media, published by the West Coast Environmental Law Foundation.

Get the Facts on Anyone Dennis King, Arco, 1999
ood for US citizen investigations into politicians and corporations. Would be investigators might also consult Steve Weinberg's, The Reporters Handbook, An Investigator's Guide to Documents and Techniques. In Canada, the best book is Steven Overbury's, How to Research Almost Anything.

Matthew's Media Directory
very expensive periodial that lists the names and direct phone numbers for key people at every newspaper, radio and TV station in Canada. Copy relevant parts at the public library. Essential for making personal pitches.

Media Advocacy and Public Health
Lawrence Wallack et al, Sage Publications, New York, 1993.
Easily the most sophisticated book on tapping the media. Wallach and his co-authors show how citizens' groups can take action through the media that will nudge governments into "doing the right thing". If you're serious about achieving public policy objectives, get this book. Five Stars.

Making the News, A Guide for NonProfits and Activists
Jason Salzman, Westview Press, 1998
A pithy, easy-to-use handbook on working the media. Salzman based the book on interviews with media-savvy activists and 25 professional journalists.

The Citizen's Library / Part 3-3
The Citizen's Handbook / Charles Dobson /