Reports from Chiapas

The Building Bridges in Chiapas Human Rights Observer Project

What is a Volunteer Human Rights Observer?

Human Rights Observers play a vital role in the grassroots peace process in Chiapas. They act as neutral observers recording human rights infractions and supporting the communities in their efforts for a peaceful and dignified life.

Observers take direction from the Fray Bartolome Human Rights Centre or Enlace Civil in Chiapas, and from the local community groups. Observers are sent to communities in groups of two or three.

Observers are there to maintain link with the world and to act as a deterrent to human rights violations.

Observers are only sent to communities that request observers. Observers to not take a leadership role, nor do they speak for the Mexican people.

Reports from Chiapas

Please take time to read the reports of Building Bridges members who have travelled to Chiapas and spent time in communities:
For a report from Donna Clark, please click here
For a report from Tom Feakins, please click here
For a report from Guy Warrington, please click here
For a report from Stefan Schmitt, please click here

Who can become a Human Rights Observer?

International observers should have the following skills:

  • Speak conversational Spanish;
  • Have an interest in or experience with non- violent conflict resolution
  • Be able to spend at least 3 weeks in Chiapas,Mexico;
  • Work well in a group setting and under stressful situations;
  • Have good mental and physical health;
  • Commit to follow-up education work upon returning home
  • Attend a training session

We are looking for people who are interested in volunteering as Human Rights Observers in Chiapas or doing equally valuable support work in Canada.

If you are interested in any aspect of this project, or for more information, please contact us at: